The following equipment will be provided by the Bills: 

  • Boombah Game Jersey (player will keep this)
  • Practice/Game Pants
  • Helmet (certified annually)
  • Shoulder pads
  • Girdle/Rib Protectors (can be purchased at equipment handout)
  • Chin strap

** We do not provide cleats, socks or cup supporters.

**Cheerleading uniforms (shell, skirt, bow)/Pom Pons are also provided.



The Bills organization is insured for liability coverage. Medical insurance is *not* provided and is the responsibility of each player's family.


Bills Youth Football has adopted USA Football’s “Heads Up” tackling method. All Bills coaches and assistant coaches are required to be USA Football Certified. Practicing this technique over and over again at various speeds helps our players realize proper execution and ensures safety. Furthermore, our program and the league require certified athletic trainers to be present during all games. 

Concussion Symptoms: (not limited to)

  • Headache
  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Balance Problems or Dizziness
  • Double or Blurry Vision
  • Sensitivity to light or noise
  • Sluggishness, Haziness, Fogginess, Grogginess
  • Concentration/Memory Problems/Confusion

If a player exhibits any of these signs they will be removed immediately. The parent/guardian will be notified and they should not return to any team activities until cleared by a doctor. We urge all parents to visit the USA Football Concussion Awareness Home Page.

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